Sad. And panicked. And frustrated.

The house is supposed to close one week from yesterday. We still don't know if it will happen.

The appraiser supposedly did the appraisal on June 8, but the bank has still not heard back from his report.

Don't know what to do.

Oh gods but I hurt today.

Dear Everybody Who Owns a Dog,

If I am trying to get my own car into my own driveway and you are standing there blocking my way, with your dog on a leash, while your dog yips at my cat, and my cat cowers, ears laid back, the appropriate response when my son says "I don't think Faye likes doggies," is not to tell either the people or the cat, "It's ok, she's nice," and continue to stand in the driveway so I can't properly park my car while my cat looks on helpless and wary.

Pretty much, when ever I, my son, or my cat are on our own property we shouldn't have to deal with your stupid dog. It is not ok to stand there and tell us "It's ok," after we have given you even the slightest indication that we don't want the dog there.

Just because you love the thing does not mean that everyone else in the world has to.

I am not a dog hater, I am an irresponsible pet owner hater.

No love,
Hot Damn! I think I just fixed my BT keyboard on my iPad. My left Shift key has always been iffy, so I took it off just now, looked at it, jiggled some things around and put it back on. Better but not perfect. Pushed down real hard to make sure that all of those tiny little catches had caught, and heard a satisfying snap. OH hey look at this. There are CAPS all over the place in this post, and none of them have required me to backspace and retype the letter a dozen times to get it right. How incredibly satisfying. I feel like I have a whole new iPad, that's New and Improved, now with Capital Letters.
Had an interesting thought last night. I don't remember the last time I didn't have a headache. I can get to a medically induced state of semi-headache -relief but it's only an illusion. It's been weeks since I was well and truly headache free. Geo said he was surprised because I hadn't mentioned it recently. But really, at a certain point, constantly talking about the headache becomes meaningless. The state is unchanged. Kind of like mentioning constantly that I currently have red hair, except that other people can see the red, and only I can see (*and feel, and smell, and taste, and hear) the headache. 

*Oh yes I can. It is yellow and wobbly, like a big bouncing jelly & foam ball. It tastes and smells tart and acrid like lemon curd fermented and gone bad. At the moment it sounds like a dull thrum, though it frequently sounds like a shrill spiky trill, or sometimes a whirring rushing sound. These all change from with time, but it has been yellow, tart, and wobbly for a week or more.
In related ukulele news, I did a better job selecting a first ukulele than I did with my guitar, but nevertheless I have developed ukulele envy.

Do a google search for Oscar Schmidt spalted maple. Observe the beauty. I want the tenor with the cutout and the pickups. OU7TLE (or something like that. My tabs are open on the computer in the other room.)
It is late and I am tired. I should go to bed, which I will do soon. But!!!

I have mostly learned El Condor Pasa on my uke tonight. I need practice, obviously, but it is there. It is (will eventually be) beautiful.

Sleep now. More playing tomorrow.
Having the very distinct feeling that we are going to have a bad night. Or more particularly that Charlie is going to have a bad night. He just woke up grunting and moaning, went to the bathroom, continued to grunt and moan, whined on George's shoulder, possibly about a nightmare. All the while I kept looking at him and thinking that he was sick. He was walking a little hunched, and holding his hand to his stomach.

Going to mow for the first time in a long time. Wish me luck.

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I need to go rake my yard. I can't put up my spirally trees in the front until I get the stray pine needles under control. I don't wanna.

test post 3

Dec. 6th, 2011 10:18 pm
Looks like iJournal is working again! Woo hoo! I love having a hacker for a husband!
I think what this night needs is a little bit of eggnog, a lot of brandy, and a holiday movie.
I can fast forward commercials on my TiVo. Why in the world do internet sites think that I am willing to waste time watching commercials online in order to watch their videos.

Seriously, there is very little that makes me click that little 'x' in the corner quicker than being forced to watch more than about 8 seconds of commercial online. NFW am I going to sit here and watch a full minute of some drug commercial for an ailment I don't have in order to get back to a video that I've only seen the first 30 seconds of. That's more commercial than video. Sorry 60 Minutes.

Testing out the new LJ app. It appears to work much much better than the old dinosaur app that I had previously.!!

It even appears to work fairly well with voice recognition.

We'll see how it goes.

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Dear NetFlix,

The way to keep my business is NOT to send me two different defective DVDs in a row, and then in the same week give me notice that you're raising your price by 60%.

I am thoroughly unimpressed.

No Love,

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  • 07:49:49: @mattlogelin migraine perhaps? I wore sunglasses all night Saturday because even indoor light made me feel sick.

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