Mar. 10th, 2011

  • 22:12:10: WHY are you people saying Brownies? Don't you know that I NEED chocolate ASAP, but don't have any? You are mean and cruel. #ISOcomfortfood
  • 22:23:32: @yesthatjill Darn it. This is your fault. #LateNightBaking
  • 22:38:29: . @yesthatjill you are MEAN. But I have brownie cupcakes in the oven, so I guess I can't say too much. Sorry @jenilowrance. ;-P
  • 22:44:48: @ambermae Given up sugar for Lent? So sad.
  • 22:46:07: @jclapp Hahahahahahah. I didn't start it, I swear. @hap did, actually... "about 2 hours ago" as they say.
  • 22:48:15: Twitter is amusing tonight. And apparently EVERYONE is online too. Good way to distract myself from evil people encounter from earlier.
  • 22:49:57: By which I mean to say, actual "scary upsetting stranger" kind of evil people, not the "no chocolate for you" kind of evil people.
  • 22:51:30: @OldCrank "Everyone" I know and love then?
  • 22:52:48: @ambermae You're right. I saw it in the wrong order I think. The first one I remember was @hap followed by @5x5 and then @yesthatjill.
  • 22:55:22: @yesthatjill I just bought these to wear with my fun socks. Love them.
  • 23:20:47: Oops. Apparently I don't know who my friends are. All mentions heretofore of @hap should have been @haphilp.
  • 23:22:17: @OldCrank So glad that you joined in. :-) And you also fit in with my alternate "know and love" version of everyone too.
  • 23:30:09: @OldCrank Well, if you're not vegan and/or sugar free for Lent, there are about 8 brownies in my kitchen...
  • 23:30:43: @OldCrank ... you know, if you wanted to drop by some time in the next hour. *wink*

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